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San Diego Based MSP & Business Services

Are you a business in need of technology support? We provide break – fix and Managed Services (MSP) for businesses of all sizes. We will work with you to determine the best route for your business.

Not sure what an MSP offers?  The Break-Fix model refers to the practice of only calling in professional IT services when there is a problem, or when an upgrade is needed; usually after a crash or months of using an outdated system. Compare this to MSP’s which refers to the practice of a third-party IT provider managing the IT needs of a company ahead of time. They plan your backup solutions, upgrades and monitor your technology on your behalf.

If you want to reduce downtime, outsource stress and get back to focusing on growing your business then ask us about how an MSP can benefit you.

Top 6 Benefits of Having a Managed Service Provider

Get Back to Business

Focus on your core business rather than complicated infrastructure decisions and upgrade procedures. Get back to your core business and leave the IT to the pros.

Forecast / Reduce Costs

Forecast and reduce technology costs. An MSP will ensure there is no bloat while at the same time ensures that your systems are the best for your business.

Offload IT Stress

Cleaning out the garage isn't so bad if you aren't the one doing it. We'll do the same for your technology needs. Help desk, planned upgrades, and remote support can help!

Business Agility

Timing can be everything sometimes. Don't get caught in the dust. Having an MSP reduces downtime during disasters and equips you with the right tools faster!

Updates & Security

Regular Cybersecurity and System health checks will ensure your data is safe and your systems can run at 100%. MSPs track and audit both of these regularly so you aren't surprised.

Experience & Expertise

MSPs have technicians with years of experience and expert training. Familiarity with multiple systems, common issues and items to watch for give you technological edge.

MSP Responsibilities

Business vs Infrastructure Level

MSPs see two levels of decisions when working with your business. Business level decisions include Workflow Management, Industry Gap Analysis, and Vendor/App Selection. Examples include, which CRM app to use or how your company handles incoming leads or data. These are decisions that require important company level discussions to determine the best choices for your business. MSPs can help you implement and even make business level decisions, however, compared to Infrastructure Level decisions, they require much more customization and input from your management team.

Infrastructure level decisions are handled by an MSPs bread and butter services such as Backup and Disaster Solutions, Cybersecurity and Updates, as well as Help Desk and Break fix Support. We’ll work with you to ensure we are choosing the best products and services for you, however, we handle the rest for you moving forward! We’re always staying up to date on the newest business support technologies and practices so we can provide the best service possible.

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