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Break Fix Roots

Geeky Clean PC started off as a Break Fix shop with our first location in Pacific Beach. Since then we’ve evolved into an Managed Service Provider (MSP) to better provide for our business clients. We still offer Break Fix services like Laptop Repair to serve our residential and smaller business clients and we still love doing it! When you come to Geeky Clean PC we offer you a personalized computer repair experience based on your technology needs. Our free estimates and diagnostics serve a number of purposes, most important is ensuring we are on the same page. 

Communication is key for us to get the job done right the first time. In most cases we are able to provide an estimate while you wait, if the problem is a bit more serious we ask for up to 24 business hours to complete a full diagnostic where we provide you all the options, not just the profitable ones. If it doesn’t make sense to spend money on computer repair services, we will tell you so. Trust is number 1. Once you lose it, it’s even harder to gain it back.

pc computer laptop repair
computer laptop repair services

Types of Computer & Laptop Services

Screen repairs are arguably the most common technology repair for Americans. Unfortunately these types of repairs can range in quality based on sourcing of parts and experience with the repair itself. Here at Geeky Clean PC, we excel in all types of Computer Laptop Repair like Screen Repairs. Pricing ranges from $150 – $400 depending on your specific computer model.

Is your computer not turning on today? There are a wide range of problems that can lead to no boot problems for PC Computer Laptop Repair. Some are quick fixes that we can talk you through over the phone while others are indicative of much larger system problems. Call us today and explain what you’re seeing so we can provide the best solution for you!

With the increase in power to computer components like processors and RAM, Hard Drives are now one of the best ways to improve performance of your PC Computer Laptop Repair. Installing a Solid State Drive can increase your system speed dramatically and now days prices are lower than ever! Whether your drive is failing or you just want more speed, we can help. Prices start at $165 depending on storage capacity.

Accidents happen. Not being able to type cause you spilled some juice on your keyboard shouldn’t be a result of it. Another common laptop repair, we can provide a cleaning service for your keyboard if a few of the keys are no longer working, however the best long term fix is simply replacing the keyboard. Key replacements start at $20 and keyboard replacements start at $125.

Not really a laptop repair, RAM upgrades used to be the best bang for you buck upgrade. However, with RAM prices dropping and blazing fast processors, your computer generally comes with more than enough RAM it’ll need. We can confirm this for you and if you do need additional RAM(for any heavy multi-tasker) we can take care of that for you. Prices start at $120 depending on RAM type and capacity.

Data Recovery is considered a PC Computer Laptop Repair. We offer amazing rates and service for Data Recovery. Whatever we can’t manage in our main location, we send out to a long time trusted partner who’s also been in the industry for years. Visit our Data Recovery Page or Call us today for more information.

Got a new computer or want your old computer to run just like new? We can help you setup your new home office or business office just the way you want it. Our Tune-Up services are also great for starting the year off right and cleaning up any junk from your system. Call today to find out more about the best Laptop Repair.

Custom computers are great for gamers and certain business industries including Securities Trading, Ecommerce, Financial Firms and more. Having the enough power to handle multiple resource intensive applications and multitasking are some of the reasons to look at a custom build. Call today to discuss your specific needs!

Remote Support

We offer remote support services for business and residential clients. Remote support is an excellent tool that allows support technicians to save on travel time and provides customers a more economical solution when appropriate. We love Screen Connect from Connectwise and Team Viewer from Log Me In. They’ve been leaders in the industry for years and provide easy to use and highly secure methods to provide you the best remote suport. 

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