Custom Computers

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Custom Computers

A custom computer is a lot like a custom car. It can be customized on the outside to be flashy or sleek with lots of bells and whistles like light up fans, cool cases or cooling systems. They can also be upgraded on the inside to be a powerful and reliable system. There are a number of examples of where a custom computer can give you an edge including gaming computers, where out of the box systems can either be out of your price range or use unreliable parts. A custom built computer allows you to choose where the bulk of your funds go, towards reliability, power or a combination of the two.

This same flexibility can be applied to business industries like financial markets (stocks, forex, cryptocurrency), accounting / actuarial services, and ticket brokerages. Give us a call today to see if your company could benefit from making the switch to custom computers!

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Custom Computer Use Cases

Gaming Rigs

High Single Core CPU Speed
Enough RAM to run Games and Apps
External Graphics Card to Power Graphics
Ports to connect your Gaming Accesories

Reliable Business Computing

Multi Core CPU for Multitasking
Adequate RAM to Run Business Apps
Integration with business specific tools
Automated backups and updates

Stock / Ticket Broker

Multi Core CPU for Multitasking
Adequate RAM to Run Business Apps
Graphics Card to Run Multiple Screens
Fast Internet Services for Quick Processing

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